Teays Center South

Teays Center South


Teays Center is comprised of 4 buildings totaling approximately 60,000 square feet. Most of the tenant units are in multiples of 2000 square feet. For example Block Buster Video is three 2000 square foot units or 6,000 square feet.

Teays Center is located in the middle of the heart beat of Teays Valley, Scott Depot business area and neighborhoods. It is approximately 1/2 of a mile from the I-64 interchange and can be accessed from 3 different roads that are heavily traveled. Surrounding businesses in the area to name a few are Kroger’s, K-Mart, Huntington Banks, BB&T, and Chase Bank.

The tenants of Teays Center South include:

AT&T – phone center and training center.

Pro Nail – a full service nail and pedicure salon who also specializes in children’s needs as well.

Kelly’s Coffee House

Grazianno’s Pizza – a very family oriented Italian restaurant extremely popular in the community.

China Chef – the oldest and most respected Chinese restaurant in the valley.

ReMax Realty Company

Penn Station – custom gourmet sandwiches

Smoker Friendly – Able to accommodate the discriminate connoisseur with all their liquor, beer, cigarettes, and cigar needs.

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Smoker Friendly
Remax Realty
Penn Station
China Chef
Graziano’s Pizza
Kelly’s Hotspot
Pro Nail

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